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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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Wow, I've been on hiatus for a while...
I'm not officially off hiatus yet, meaning no (longer) short stories from me! But... I have been posting a ton of mini-stories
I'm not sure "mini-story" is the write name for them but I couldn't think of anything else, oh random writings. That's also what I've been calling them
I've chose to stick to 'random writings' because that way I don't have to commit to a huge short story and then feel horrible when I don't deliver. I'm a women of my word therefore...I won't give you my word on whether or not I'll be...
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Sophii Jones is on short hiatus from the Scribes to work on her second novel. But rest assured, she will have new stuff up as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out A. R. Laine's short stories and poetry. Thank you for your continuing support.

~ Admin

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I am SO sorry for the major lack of stories this past week.

There's no excuse for slacking on my job, but in my defence a lot has happened.

First, there was my birthday party and birthday...which should have only taken a day or two out of my schedule BUT someone invited friends to my party and those 'friends' stole my dads laptop. On top that, earlir that day my dads sister died. Needless to say, things have been hard for my dad.

We have the names and information of people who took it and plenty of witnesses who saw them running out the door...
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Well, It's not my ACTUALLY birthday until Monday but tonight is my birthday dinner and party Smile Smile

I'm crazy excited but I have SO MUCH to do. (there'll be no story updates from me today, sry) On top of the decorating, shopping and everything else I already had to do, I now have to take to shirt I bought for my party BACK because the cashier forgot to take the plastic ink tag off. (and the store security...
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Still competely addicted to Rich Girls by The Virgins. I even bought the ringtone haha!

Sorry about the lack of updating on my part with my with. I posted some poetry but no more stories, sorry!! Been crazy busy getting prepared for my party this weekend. But I promise to work on something tonight!! soon as I'm done with the blog Smile

Remember, if you're having any problems commenting on anything, write it in the chat box. everything gets saved and I always go back...
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OMG....... my next novel, well my next TWO novel actually.

I'm pretty freaking excited that these two amazing ideas came to me so clearly. One I already have outlined the OTHER I'm going to fog write for a while, sometimes I work better that way. But the first 'idea' I'm doing the traditional way, outline, character bios all that jazz. I'm almost done with it but with my 20th birthday PARRTAAYYY next weekend and all the prep I have to do for it I might not get a whole lot done this week.

I bought these GORGEOUS boots for my birthday party, black...
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I'm pretty excited about my birthday. The big 20, which actually translates to ALMOST 21. And 21 means HAWAII. Yeah!!!!

I wrote this thing for seventeen magazine and cosmogirl. I'm really hoping one of them publishes it!!! If they decide not too then I'll post it on here for sure.

I'm pretty excited that I'm up early today, especially since I have about one million things to do! Starting with enrolling in school, I've left it a bit late this year so my choices on classes are going to suck but oh well. At least they're classes.

And I've started...
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Okay, so I was going to write "The Trip" as my next novel but I've changed my mind. I know where the story is going and I am going to finish it but it'll be nowhere near 'book' length.

However, I do have an idea for a new project. Which I will get started on as soon as I can. While I'm working on querys and what not I'm going to start the outline and character bios. I have to feel extremely passionate about the story and characters to dedicate enough time to something to make it a novel and I so I have to build a relationship with my characters. Which I...
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My author bio says I'm 20, but I'm actually 19 for 15 more days. I'm looking forward to my party, infact...I can't wait. I love a good party and I just hope no idiots cause problems at this one!!

I'm writing my synopsis now, but I refuse to rush it. After all, it is the single factor that publishers/agents will use to decide whether or not they are interested in my work. It has to be perfect and make them want more, so I can not afford to rush something like this. Which is why...I'm procrastinating on facebook, myspace and here. Haha.

I saw Daybreakers...
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So I have this book, The Everything Get Published Book and in the back theres a VERY long list of agents.
And of course, you have to research each and everyone to find out which ones accept queries in whatever genre your work falls under. For me, that's YA. Well...I'm into the R's, I still have like..4 more pages to go through and I have SO many green circles (meaning the agents who represent YA authors). So idk what to do...should I send queries to each and every one of them? Or do 5 at a time and as I get them back, send more out (unless I get a yes of course)?? -----...
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[center] Hi everyone! =]
I'm excited to have this site up and running.. It's going to help Ash and I so much, plus it's fun to share our work with others. I know there isn't a whole lot up yet, but there will be Smile

My first novel is finished, polished and ready to be sent to agents and publishers. I started writing it over a year ago and I'm so excited/nervous/scared to attempt to get it published. The very few people who have read the finished copy loved it and I'm so glad....
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