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 Short Story- The Fortunate Part 2

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PostSubject: Short Story- The Fortunate Part 2   Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:40 pm

Part 2

It had been had been a week since the last murder and still there was nothing that the police could find about the person responsible. Caroline continued to go about her life, still in fear and she was going to remain in fear until the bastard was caught and put away for the rest of this life. Although she was fearful she couldn’t help but to wake up, after her three and a half hours of sleep, of dreams of the mystery man who had swept her off her feet and she didn’t know his name let alone what he looked like. He had promised that this evening he would reveal himself to her. She hoped that he was as dreamy as his voice sounded.

She walked to the same corner as the night before, where two run-down motels met. She looked around and waited for the stranger from the night before to show up. She was a bit earlier then yesterday but she wanted some alone time before work started, if she went to work again tonight at all. There was something about the dark stranger that she was oddly attracted too even though she didn’t have a clue to his identity. It was probably a quick decision but she had ruled out, for the most part, that this man was the notorious Jack the Ripper. She thought that if he was the killer then he would have killed her then hold a conversation with her.

“And what are you thinking about might I ask?” someone asked Caroline, making her lose her train of though. She looked behind her to find her friend standing, leaning against the street lamp.

“Oh now Mary Jane, do you really think that is any of your business?” Caroline asked in a joking tone.

“But of course!’ Mary said as she strolled over to where Caroline was standing. Mary lent up against the brick building next to Caroline, who didn’t have her head in the clouds any longer although she wished that she did.

“So tell me what were you thinking of?” Mary asked. She was a nosey kind of girl but out of all the women she was the one Caroline felt closest too, perhaps it was because of their ages. Mary was a bit younger then the others as well. Caroline didn’t like to get close to anyone but Mary knew the story of how she became what she was. Ever since the death of her family Caroline had kept her distance from anyone but Mary had the type of personality that no one could ignore.

“It’s nothing Mary really.”

“I didn’t see you all last night.” Mary asked, questioning her friend’s whereabouts from the previous night. Caroline saw Mary’s eyebrow raise and she knew that she wanted an answer to her question but she wasn’t going to give out any information.

“Mary don’t you have someone you have to meet?” Caroline asked trying to get Mary off the topic and out of her business.

“Not at the moment.” She said with a smile. Knowing that Mary wasn’t going to leave until she got some kind of business, they both stood there waiting for nightfall. Just before the sun sat Mary was approached by an older man and they walked off together. Just after Mary and her gentlemen caller walked down an alley, Caroline felt a tap on her shoulder. Upon turning around she found the same man from the night before. He was in the same attire, a long black coat and a top hat that covered all of his face besides his smile.

“Good evening Caroline.” He said.

“Hello.” She said in return. She was surprised to see him as she was beginning to wonder if he was going show or not.

“I wanted to wait for your friend to leave.” He advised her. They stood there for a moment or two not saying anything to each other but not knowing who this man of mystery was starting to get to Caroline more then ever. She had dreamt about it the few hours of sleep she had had and ever since she had been awake it was all that she had thought about. He knew her name but she didn’t know his nor did she know what he looked like. She couldn’t stand it any longer and she had to ask him, She only hoped that he wouldnt be angry with her.

“I’m sorry sir but I must know who you are.’ Caroline asked,’ you know my name but I do not know yours. You have seen my face but I have yet to see yours.” She didn’t want to seem as if she was begging to meet the man behind the smile but she was desperate.

“My name Thomas.”

“And your face? Might I see your face?” she asked kindly. He only smiled and placed his hand on the brim of this hand, lifting it and placing it under his right arm. With his free hand, he fixed his hair then looked straight into Caroline’s eyes,She had finally met the man and she was shocked at what she saw. He had blue eyes that twinkled and dark brown hair. He had always been the most handsome man she had ever known.

“Thomas Edwards?” Caroline asked. He only smiled at her.

“Is there another man walking around in the greatest city in the world who looks like me?” he asked with a chuckle. She turned away from him with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She and Thomas had gone to school together for many years before she could no longer afford it any longer. They were friends at one time but once the other’s in the school found out that she wasn’t a member of their rich society then they out casted her, as did Thomas. Although he didn’t want too, he was young and stupid he did as everyone else did. When Caroline had to leave school he had thought that it was because of the teasing she had endured on a daily basis after her secret was out. He didn’t have any idea that she left for the reasons she left for, not until last night that is. Caroline had discussed what had made her do such a lowly thing in the first place but she wouldn’t have if she had known who she was talking too.

“Thomas what are you doing here?” she asked still not facing him.

“Finding you and it looks as if I am successful.” He said with a jolly tone. He ran around her in an attempt to see her face but she refused to allow him to look at her. She felt so ashamed of what she was and what she was doing with her life. When she was younger she always hoped for something more. Growing up she wanted to be a teacher but when tragic things happened, her world changed forever.

“Why in God’s name would you want to find me?” she asked rather rudely. She didn’t mean to sound so hateful but she was nervous and embarrassed enough as it was to go out and sell her body but now she was talking to the one boy whom she liked since the first day that she had walked into her first classroom.

He turned so he could still see her face. He took her hands within his. They were warm, warmer then her hands had been in a long time. She had gotten used to being cold.

“After you left school I didn’t know what had happened to you. I was worried about you. I finally heard about your father’s death and what happened to your mother, I’m so sorry.” Thomas said.

“And what are the reasons that you care?” Caroline asked, yanking her hand away from his. She turned her back to him only to have him turn her back around.

“We used to be friends Caroline.”

“That’s right Thomas, used to. After everyone found out that I was nothing more then a common, dirt poor mouse you stopped talking to me along with everyone else.” She said as started to walk off towards the street.

“Caroline please, I beg you to forgive me for my mistakes. I have grown up in the past year and a half and I’ve wanted to find you and…help you.” He said. He was almost begging her; she was surprised that he wasn’t on his knees.

“I don’t want or need your help Thomas. Thank you but no thank you.” She said as she stormed off towards Whitechapel Road.

“I won’t give up Caroline Allen, I refuse too!” he howled to her. She didn’t turn around to face him again. She turned the corner, not looking back.
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Short Story- The Fortunate Part 2
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