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 Short Story-Part 5 The Fortunate

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PostSubject: Short Story-Part 5 The Fortunate   Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:21 am

Part 5

Rather then run, Caroline walked quickly, back to Whitechapel Rd. so that she wouldn’t stand out from everyone else. The Streets were still busy with life. It wasn’t as late as Caroline hoped that it would be but since it was still early Caroline decided to take it onto herself and talk to Mary about what had just happened.

“Mary!’ Caroline snapped as she walked up to her friend. She was furious with Mary at the moment though.’ How could you do that to me?”

“What are you talking about?” Mary said defensively. Her eyes blazed with anger. Mary hated to be accused of something.

“Thomas, he found me! You told me he went one way and I went the other but low and behold, he found me.” Caroline snapped. Her hands flew around with frustration.

“Excuse me Caroline but I didn’t do anything. If that gent found you then it was because he wanted too. I didn’t tell him anything.” Mary said as she stomped off towards the other side of the street. Caroline ran after her, grabbing her arm when she reached it.

“Mary I’m sorry if I accused you of something but I…I don’t know what to do.” Caroline said. Mary stopped in the middle of the street and turned to her friend. Mary grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close to her.

“What do you want me to do?’ Caroline only looked at her,’ if you’re wanting me to tell you what to do then I can’t. You have to follow your heart but if I were you and I knew a man loved me and he could take care of me, well I would…”

“You would what?”

“How do you feel about him?’ Mary asked. Caroline didn’t answer right away. She had to think about how she really felt,’ well I think I have proved my point” Mary kissed her friend on the cheek then strolled away leaving Caroline in the middle of the street, thinking about Thomas and what she was going to do about it.

“Hey, get out of the way!” a man yelled. Caroline ran after Mary, who wasn’t that far a head of her, and asked if she was done for the night. Mary said that she was and she was heading home and after Caroline asked if she would like some company, Mary agreed to let Caroline stay the night. A night in a free bed was just what Caroline needed.

The next afternoon, November 8th

Caroline and Mary walked down the street, towards the pubs, hand in hand. They were chatty as school girls, talking about everything. The night before they had talked about everything and Thomas was something that they talked a lot about. Mary had told Caroline about a love that she had let get away from her and she had been heart broken ever since. Mary had told Caroline that she didn’t want her to feel the same way.

Caroline had, yet again, thought about Thomas all night. When they had left for the pub, Caroline knew what she was going to tell Thomas. Tonight she hoped that she would see him. The night before she had told him to leave her alone, she only hoped that he was more stubborn then she was.

After scrapping together enough money for one dish for them to share, they headed out to the streets. The sun was setting, the lights were being lit and the rats were coming out for the night. Mary was snatched up quickly, as she normally was, leaving Caroline behind. It had rained earlier that morning and that had left a clean smell in the air. Caroline loved the smell of rain. She stood with her eyes closed; thinking about what her life would be like if she hadn’t lost her father, if she hadn’t had to leave school and if she hadn’t become a prostitute.

Her father’s death had changed everything. If there hadn’t been an accident and her father’s life hadn’t been taken then maybe Caroline would be a teacher right now. She had always loved children and teaching them would be grand. Her daydreaming was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled at who she saw.

“I didn’t think that you would ever come back.’ Caroline said to Thomas who stood in front of her. He wasn’t smiling nor did he have a twinkle in his eyes. Something was different about him. ‘I wasn’t going to come back. You asked me last night to leave you alone and that is what I had planned on doing. I woke up this morning and I had advised myself that I wasn’t going to come back and bother you but for some reason I just couldn’t will myself to stay away from you.”

“I’m glad that you weren’t able too.” Caroline said still smiling. He cocked his head to the side, giving her a questioning look. He seemed puzzled.

“I thought that you wanted me gone?”
“I thought that I did but I…I needed to think about some things. I needed to collect my thoughts and my feelings and…” she stopped. Thomas looked down at her.

“This isn’t the place for this conversation Caroline. Come, let us go else where.” He said as he took her by her hand and they walked down the streets together. Once they were away from other people’s eyes and ears they sat down so that they could talk.

“Now my dear Caroline, what is it you were going to tell me?” Thomas asked.

“What you said last night, that you loved me.” Caroline said only to have Thomas interrupt her.

“I meant what I said Caroline. I always have and I always will. I just wish that you could feel the same.” He said. She tried to smile, but it didn’t seem like a smiling moment. She took Thomas’ hand within hers and looked into his eyes.

“I do. I don’t know how you could love someone like me, but I do love you. What I said last night, that I loved you…I meant that I love you. Even after you were so cruel to me I still loved you and I love you now.” Thomas, who had lowered his head, looked up again and into Caroline’s eyes. This time he was smiling.

“No matter what you have done, you have done it to survive and I will always love you for you. You, or what ever you have done, will never change how I feel about you. I love you Caroline Allen.” Thomas said.

“And I love you Thomas.” She said in return. She buried herself into his chest, his arms wrapped around her tightly. After what seemed only like a moment of being in his arms, Caroline was released.

“I’m leaving London, I have a job in Liverpool and I want you to come with me. I can’t leave you, I don’t want too. I want you to always be with me. Marry me Caroline?” Thomas finally said. Caroline was in complete shock. She didn’t know what to say, she only slowly shook her head. After soaking it in she finally said what she was trying to say.

“Yes, of course.’ They embraced each other in each others arms. Caroline couldn’t do anything other then begin to cry. ‘I don’t look like someone who should be marring you.”

“Well we can’t have you thinking like that can we? Come on. I have a mate who works for one the grandest stores in London and he owes me a favor or two.” Thomas said as he put his arm around the woman who was going to become his wife. Caroline felt like a princess. She never thought that she would ever be happy again and here she was with a man that loved her and was going to treat her as she should be treated. The only thing that was going to break her heart was the knowledge that she was going to have to leave Mary if she was going with Thomas to Liverpool. Although if it hadn’t been for Mary she wouldn’t have told Thomas how she felt. She would have to thank Mary for giving her the courage to do such a thing. Mary always seemed so much stronger then Caroline did but now it seemed as if Mary had passed some of that strength onto Caroline.

Caroline didn’t see Mary at all when they had walked threw the dirty streets, down Whitechapel Road passing the pubs and the dark windowed buildings. Caroline didn’t know if she was at her home or not but she wasn’t going to travel that far. She knew where to find Mary tomorrow and she would tell her everything, including good-bye. No longer would Caroline have to worry about having money for food or a room and more importantly she wouldn’t have to worry about Jack the Ripper taking her life.

November 9th, 10:30 a.m.

Caroline was awake and dressed. Thomas was still in the bed that was dressed with clean, white cotton sheets and pillow cases. The heaviest bed cover was a cream colour. Everything was soft and comfortable. Caroline had never felt so clean in her life. Thomas had a maid bring up scolding hot water and a brand new bar of soap. When she was ready she picked out her favorite dress that Thomas had bought her the night before. It was purple and black, thick but still light enough that she was comfortable in it. She laced up new black boots and put on a new hat that sat on top her head.

“You look simply gorgeous my love.” Thomas said. Caroline turned and looked shyly at him. She had told him last night that she was going to say her good-byes to everyone, mainly Mary, the next morning. Thomas had taken the morning off because he wanted to sleep the morning away with his soon to be bride.

“I will see you soon.” Caroline said as she lent over and kissed Thomas. When she left the room she was still smiling. She was in love.

When she reached the front door a man opened the door for her and walked her to a horse and carriage that was waiting for her. Caroline was overjoyed. The man who drove the carriage hopped down and helped her in. She sat on the wooden set and once she was settled the man asked her where she needed to go.

“13 Miller’s Court” Caroline said kindly. The man jumped into the front of the carriage and off they went. She left at ten thirty and it took ten minutes to get to Mary’s home. When they arrived the driver helped Caroline down.

“Here we are Miss Allen, 13 Miller’s Court.”

“Thank you. Are you just going to wait out here?” Caroline asked. She didn’t know so she thought she would ask.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll be out here waiting for you.” Caroline thanked the driver then turned to knock on the door. After the first knock she waited but nothing. Another knock.


Perhaps Mary was asleep but it was still odd that she didn’t answer. Caroline turned the door knob and found it unlocked. She opened the door slowly, stopping when she smelt a strange, horrifying odor.

“Mary?’ Caroline said with a mousy tone.’ Mary, are you here?” Caroline didn’t hear anything. The fire was out, there wasn’t anything cooking, and there wasn’t even a mouse hunting for food. There wasn’t a sound anywhere in the small one room house. Caroline opened the door further, finally opening it enough to see the bed that was on the opposite of the room from the door.

Caroline had finally found Mary. Caroline dropped to her knees and all she could do was cry. The carriage driver ran into the room, finding Caroline on the floor in tears and the terrifying sight that made her collapse. Within moments a bobbie was at the house. He had sent another for an investigator.

“Your name miss?’ a man said. Caroline didn’t say anything. She only starred.’ Miss, your name?”

“Oh, my name is Caroline Allen.”

“And your relationship to the victim?” the man said. He had a notebook; he was writing every word that Caroline said down.

“Mary, her name was Mary. She isn’t just a victim. She had a name.” Caroline sobbed.

“I’m sorry miss. What was your relationship to Mary?”

“She was my mate, my best mate.”

“I see, ah Inspector Abberline this is Caroline Allen. She was a friend of the victims.” A proper dressed man walked over and looked her over.

“Would you be able to identify the victim?” the man asked. Caroline started to slowly move her head.

“Her name is Mary, Mary Jane Kelly.” Caroline stated. The inspector asked another officer to take Caroline out of the room as they started to go over the body and evidence they could find. Caroline jumped into the carriage and asked the driver to take her home.

Once she was home, she practically fell out of the carriage and into the drivers’ arms. Thomas walked out of the door and the driver handed Caroline over to him. Thomas took her into his arms and held her tightly as the driver explained what had happened.

“Oh Thomas it was horrible! It didn’t even look like Mary but it was her. I saw her hair, it was her. Oh Thomas that could have been me.”

“I know that and that is why I’m taking you away from all of this and was moving away from London. Were going to move far away and were going make a family and were going to leave all of this behind us.” Thomas advised her.

“Yes, oh yes take me anywhere but here! Thomas I am yours and I will go with you anywhere in the world with you. I love you.” She said threw the sobs.

“I love you too. I’m so sorry for what happened to Mary.”

“I’m just so fortunate that you found me and I listened to Mary. She told me to listen to my heart and that is what I did. I listened to my heart to be with you.” Caroline said.

Thomas took Caroline inside the house and he ordered the staff to begin packing. He told Caroline that he was going to get them out of London sooner then expected because she needed to get away from the thoughts of Mary and the ripper, if that was what had happened. Caroline was sure that was what had happened. Both she and Mary had been terrified of the ripper because they hadn’t caught the person behind the killings and whom ever it was had been killing off their friends. Mary tried to put all the thoughts and worries about the ripper out of her head because she had to in order to survive it but she didn’t. She wasn’t fortunate.

The police never caught the man who was called Jack the Ripper. Mary Kelly’s death was the last death due to the ripper, at least in Whitechapel District in London. Caroline and Thomas were married once they were in Liverpool. Where they had a family of their own and raised them there. After a while neither Caroline nor Thomas thought about Jack the Ripper any longer but Caroline always thought of Mary.
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PostSubject: Re: Short Story-Part 5 The Fortunate   Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:23 pm

i really enjoyes reading this little story Smile it kept me on the edge of my seat cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Short Story-Part 5 The Fortunate   Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:10 pm

Well I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I hope you like my new I just posted
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Short Story-Part 5 The Fortunate
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