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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Forceful Submission Part 4

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PostSubject: Forceful Submission Part 4   Forceful Submission Part 4 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 12:28 am

**This story does contain rape. If this is something you do not wish to read please don't go any further. Of course I don't condone such acts. Thank you!

Days had pasted since Drew had told Jamie that he loved her. He hadn't looked in her direction let alone been with her. Although he wouldn't tell Danny, he was aching to touch her. He had really meant what he said. He was in love with her, or so he thought but she didn't care for him in that way, if at all. Danny walked past his friend and knew what was on his mind.

"You have got to get my sister off of your mind." Danny said as he relaxed on his bed. He was watching a random horror movie. Blood, guts and gore or porn; it was one or the other with those two. Either way they got off.

"Shut up man, she isn't what I'm thinking about." Drew told him as he pushed his nose into his history book. Even sick bastards needed to study.

"Yeah, sure.' Danny suddenly sprang to his feet. He grabbed the book out of Drew's hand, flinging it across the room.' You need out of this house. You need something to get and keep your mind off of Jamie. The little bitch doesn't want you bro."

"Don't call her a bitch. I know you don't really mean that." Drew said defending Jamie in her absence. Danny shrugged his shoulders at the thought that he didn't mean what he said. He really did love his sister; he just liked to torment her too.

"Find, fine, fine but were getting you out of here. There is a party at Dennis' tonight. You love his parties and what goes on at those parties. Come on man; let's get outta here for a while." Danny said at he grabbed his best friend on the shoulders. He hated seeing Drew in this state but there wasn't anyway of shaking it off but that didn't mean that he couldn't try. Drew finally agreed to go after thinking about it for a moment. Danny was right; he needed to get out for bit and away from Jamie. She didn't want him and he knew that. He just didn't want to accept that so he made her be with him.

Danny had already showered but Drew needed too before they left. At the moment Jamie was in the shower and he didn't want to wait around for her to finish. He grabbed a towel and quietly entered the only bathroom in the house. The room was filled with steam from the hot water that was jetting out of the shower head. Behind the curtain Drew could see Jamie's body as she washed herself. The thought of her naked with nothing more than a thin piece of plastic separating them was turning him on. He could feel himself become slightly erect. Pushing his thoughts out of his head he opened the curtain and stepped in. Jamie jumped back when she saw him, shocked that someone else was with her.

"Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing?" she snapped.

"I need to shower and I don't have time to wait on you." He snapped back. He had to admit that he wanted to brag that he wasn't waiting around for her. He was going out and having a life and hopefully find someone else to fill her spot in his mind. She, of course played right into his game.

"Where are you going?" she asked as she moved to the back of the shower stall to give him more room and to get as far away from him as she could. He poured shampoo into his hand and lathered up his head. He smiled while he wasn't looking at her but stopped once he turned to face her, his arms still above his head scrubbing her head.

"Don't worry about it." He said with a smirk. She hated that crooked little grin of his, it made her heart flutter and she didn't like it when it happened, not when it was about him.

"Alright fine, don't tell me. " She said as she crossed his arms, covering her naked breasts. He ran his head under the water to remove all of the soap, running his hand through his locks. Jamie watched the water trickle down Drew's strong body and he saw her eyes follow him. He smiled at the thought of her liking him but he knew that it wouldn't happen, not in a million years.

"We're going to a party at Dennis'. I would prefer not to smell."

"Think you're gonna get lucky with someone huh?" Jamie said with a snicker. Drew started to soap up his body, turning to face Jamie on purpose. The sight of him honestly took her breath away.

"I hope so. Besides, what do you care? It's not like you want me." He said as he washed his body clean of soap then stepping closer to her. He looked into her eyes, not saying a word. She moved towards him, not touching him until she locked lips with him. He pressed her against the wet tile, his arms on either side of her. His kiss was wet, sloppy and passionate. It wasn't like any other kiss that they had shared. He wasn't forcing himself onto her and she had made the first move onto him.

She has finally over thought everything and she pushed him away like she always did and jumped from the shower. He looked at her, wide eyed and confused. "Have fun tonight." She said before grabbing a towel and hurried out of the room leaving Drew behind with mixed thoughts and feeling swirling around in his head.

After they both dressed they headed out. The drive to their friend's house was short but long enough for the two of them to talk about what was going on in Drew's head at the moment. Danny knew something had happened between Drew and his sister because he saw her run from the bathroom. If Drew wanted to he could over power her easily so he could have kept her there but he didn't.

"What happened man?" Danny asked.

"What?" Drew said as he continued to stare out the window. Danny looked over at him and then back to the front so that he could pay attention to his driving.

"I saw Jamie run to her room."

"She kissed me." Drew finally confessed. Danny was a bit shocked with what was told to him but he wasn't as shocked as he thought he would be. He didn't care what she said; he knew that Jamie liked Drew. She always had.

"She kissed you? No shit!" Danny said as he felt the curves of the steeling wheel.
"Yeah but now I really don't know what to think about her."

"I hate seeing you this way bro." Danny expressed.

"I know but what am I supposed do?"

"Damn, she has her hooks in you huh?"

"Yeah she does but the problem is she doesn't see it that way. She thinks I have mine in her, only she doesn't want them there." Drew explained but he knew that Danny wouldn't understand. Danny didn't have much in the way of feelings. Number one in Danny Barnes' life was Danny Barnes. Everyone else came afterwards but he did care about others, mainly Drew and Jamie, they were just below him or so they were in his eyes.

"I know what you're thinking, I wouldn't understand what you're feeling…blah, blah, blah but I do. Do you really think that I would have allowed you to fuck my sister if I didn't know how much you really liked her? You've liked her for years and of course I've known about it. Despite what she said she does like you, she is as stubborn as I am, sometimes more. You're a good guy and she sees it but she might not want to admit it. Come on, lets go get trashed." Danny said as he stopped the car in front of a huge house. Dennis was a rich kid who's parents weren't ever home thus giving him the freedom to do as he wished with whom ever he wished. Dennis' parties were famous but it was a rare thing to be invited to one. There were always a lot of girls, tons of alcohol and plenty of empty rooms to have fun in. Once they were in the house they were handed a beer and walked threw the room, Danny admiring the girls while Drew didn't look at any of them. No matter what Danny did he was sure that Drew always had Jamie on his mind.

"So like I said my friend is really head over heels for this girl and the bitch won't give him the time of day so I thought maybe you would want to try and take his mind off of her." Danny said as he walked a young girl over to Drew, who was slumped in the corner.

"I would love to try." The girl said. Her heels were high, her skirt short and her hair was blond. She was everything that Jamie wasn't, Danny doing that on purpose of course.

"Hey man, this is Angel. Angel this is Drew,' Drew looked up at her and took a drink from his seventh beer of the night.' She's gonna try to make you forget even if it's just for the night." Danny handed the girl over to his friend before turning to make his way up the stairs. Drew, slowly but surely followed with Angel on his arm. The four of them went into a room together, shutting the door behind them.

"You can do anything you want to me. What do you like to do?' Angel said, pulling Drew to the bed. She untied her leather top exposing her perky breast. He didn't move nor did he speak. She looked over at Danny who was already penetrating her friend.' Hey what the hell is wrong with your friend?" she snapped. Danny, who had already inserted himself into the other girl, stopped and looked over to see what she was complaining about.

"What the fuck do you think bitch, I told you he needed to forget something. Apparently you're not good enough even to do that." Danny yelled back.

"You asshole, don't call me a bitch just because your friend here is a moron." Angel said. Drew had had enough of the yelling. He had enough of the pain that he was taking and his temper rose. Drew has a bad temper, almost just as bad as Danny's but he didn't show it as much, this was one of those times that he wanted it shown. Drew slapped Angel across the face as hard as he could, hard enough to knock her back to the bed that she was kneeling on.

He had finally snapped.

"You're a fucking whore and I'm going to treat you like one." Drew said, knocking her to the bed. He stripped the clothes from her body as well as his. If she wanted to be treated like a true whore, she was going to be treated like shit. He bent her over and placed his erect member into her dry vagina making her moan in pain until she became slightly more lubricated. He pulled her back by her hair as he continued to thrust himself in and out of her. Danny watched with fascination and pride. That was the way that he wanted Drew to treat his sister the first time, this was what he had been waiting for.

"Are you gonna come finish me off?" the girl that Danny had been with asked. He told her to get lost as he grabbed his clothes and redressed. His listened to Drew torment the poor girl who was begging him to stop.

"You wanted me to do anything so I am, do you like it? Tell me you fucking love it you stupid bitch." Drew demanded.

"Love it...I love it" She screamed in horror. Twenty minutes later everything was over with, Drew was redressed and down the stairs. Danny stayed behind to talk to the young girl whose fate he had changed that night. He bent over to her, grabbing her by the hair at the top of her neck, pulling her towards him.

"You don't tell anyone about what happened to you or I'll kill you myself, do you understand?" Danny added as he breathed on her ear. He made his threat very believable. She squirmed towards the back of the bed in fear. He waited for her answer and when she finally nodded her head he released her.

During the ride home they were quiet until Danny couldn't contain himself any longer. He was proud of his friend who finally seemed to come into his own. Drew had tortured people for years, raped Jamie for weeks but he was different now and Danny knew it. "How do you feel man?"

"I've never felt so good. This is a great night and I'm not going to allow Jamie in anymore. I'm going to get what I want from now on, whether I have to take it by force or not." Drew explained, making Danny overjoyed. They pulled the car into the driveway, throwing it in park just as Danny's cell phone rang. He picked it up and checked to see who it was.

His mother

"Hey mom,' he said with a nice voice rather than his normal potty mouth.' Yeah I can do that for you. I'll be there as soon as I can. Love you too. Bye."

"What's going on?" Drew asked.

"She wants me to bring her something for fucking dinner, she left her money at home." Danny complained.

"Nice one mom." Drew laughed. He didn't mind Mrs. Barnes because she allowed him to stay at her house whenever he wanted to which was always. She didn't mind him over either because she thought it would be a great thing having two sets of eyes watching over Jamie rather than just one.

He jumped out of the car and headed up to the house as he watched the tail light disappear in the dust that flew up around the car. He walked into the house, locking the door behind him. In the living room he found Jamie flipping through the channel. When she turned to see who it was in the doorway of the living room she stopped and looked like a deer in headlights. She didn't know what to expect when she saw him after what had occurred earlier that night. He lent against the doorframe and looked at her. His eyes were darker than normal. Anyone who knew Drew would know that there really was something different about him after that night. She didn't know what it was but she knew that something was definitely off.

She turned the television off and tossed the remote to the side. She walked to the light, flicked it off and walked up to him. She licked her dry lips as she felt her chest rise up and down with heavy breaths. His jaw was locked as he balled his hands into fists. He wasn't mad at her he was mad at himself. He told himself and Danny both that he wasn't going to allow her to get under his skin but she was and all she had to do was be in the same room with him. When he didn't say anything she grew more nervous.

"How was the party?" she asked him.

"It's was ok." He said as he shrugged his shoulders. He wanted to touch her but he forced himself to keep his distance.

"Well did you have fun?"

"Depends on your definition of fun." He said with a chuckle. She moved a step up so that she was next to him and looked further into his eyes, aching to know what had changed.

"Where's Dan at?"

"Your mom needed dinner and asked him to bring it to her."

"Why didn't you go with him?" she asked.

"Didn't feel like it. I wanted to come home." She nodded as she continued to stare at him.

"There is something different about, something has changed but I can't put my finger on it." She explained. He smiled devilishly at her and like always it made her turn to mush.
"I just feel like a more improved Drew, I got an upgrade." They laughed to together but then she stopped as she still looked at him with wonder. She took his face in her hands so that she could angle his face to look straight at her. He loved it when she touched him.

"What happened tonight?" she asked with a smile. He placed his hands around her wrist and pulled her hands away from his face. He then placed his hands on her hips pulling her forward. Her breathing started to become heavier as she was brought closer to his torso. She loved the sight of him in nothing more that jeans and a plain white tee.

"Something happened that made me stronger and I told myself that I wasn't going to do this anymore, I wasn't going let you get to me but…' he stopped and looked at her,' I can't help it. You fuck with me so badly it kills me being close to you but not being with you, not touching you." He pressed his lips firmly onto hers; pushing her forward with his hands now on the small of her back. She didn't pull away nor didn't she try to get away. She kissed him back, pulling him closer by the collar of his shirt.

Their heated kisses were stopped when they heard a car door slam shut. Jamie ran to her room questioning her actions, leaving Drew to think about her for the rest of the night, dreaming of her and wanting her to be wrapped within his arms.

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Forceful Submission Part 4
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