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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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**A little warning before you read this story, it is very graphic dealing with murder and rape. I don't believe in either one of these acts so don't do them and don't think that I support these acts. I blame my writings on these subjects due to me watching too many Lifetime movies! lol

I wrote this story after viewing a piece of art ~BreathOfIndustry titled tak daleko on After expressing that it was a picture that looked like something I would write about. I thought I would take n the challenge and this is what I came up with. I hope you all enjoy! Again if this is something that you feel like you don't want to read then please don't read it but also don't hate on it either.

I looked at her naked, lifeless body on the hard ground below my feet and realized what I had done. I had taken her life into my hands and I had snapped her like a twig. She ran for her life but I stalked her, found her and had taken her for my own. No one else would have her the way that I did nor could anyone have the chance too.

Her body was cold now; her color was gone from her flesh. Rigamortis had begun and her body could no longer bend like a Barbie dolls. Her hair was matted with dry leaves that had fallen to the ground from the light wind that swirled around my head. I had sat there for hours after dragging her then kicking body out into the woods where I stripped her naked, smeared her eyeliner as I attempted to hold her down and finally slapped her when she wouldn’t stop trying to leave me. She was going to be mine; I have always wanted her since the first moment that I had seen her.

I had met her in my Ancient History class. I sat behind her on the first day of class, smelling her shampoo and lusted after her. I sat behind her everyday of my second year of college and she never noticed me. She never glanced at me nor did she say two words to me. It wasn’t as if I didn’t try but she just didn’t seem to catch on to what I was doing.

Rejection must have gotten the best of me because I finally snapped when I saw her leaving the library. I walked up to her and asked her to the movies with me only to have her look at me and tell me “You’re not my type and she couldn’t be seen with someone who looked like me.”

I wasn’t her type because I wasn’t a rich, preppy pretty boy. I’m a middle class townie who always had bed-head. Her words completely enraged me. I could feel my body becoming overwhelmed with heat as my anger flared up. My fist clamped together tight enough the knuckles turn white. I stormed off before I could do something that I would regret but she wasn’t going to get away with insulting me so easily. I had worshiped the ground that she had walked on for a year just to get kicked by her. She wasn’t a sweet angel like I thought she was. She was a bitch, just like the rest of them.

I watched her walk away from me for the last time, for the next I wouldn’t allow her to. I stayed behind her as she slowly walked back to her apartment, never looking behind her once. Silly girl, you should always be aware of your surroundings and who is within your surroundings. I am here and you should be fearful. The more I stalked her and the more enraged I became, the more humiliated I realized I was.

I pushed my thoughts aside for the time to focus on her, on where she was going and I finally saw my opening. She liked to cut threw a small section of the woods, so that she wouldn’t have to walk such a distance to her home. She did it all the time and nothing ever happened to her, no harm at all. This time it would be different.

The wooded area was small yet thick. Trees shot up from the ground, vines intertwined each other and trees were so thick that you couldn’t see sunlight at times. This is where I would take her, torture her and eventually kill her. I hurried so that I could be right next to her, watching her threw the trees. She was so close that I could touch her but just yet, I wanted to give her time to get completely cut off from the world. When I thought that she couldn’t see anyone and no one could see her I struck like a viper, snatching her up and into my own little world. I cupped her mouth before I threw her to the ground where she hit her head on the ground below; hard enough to knock her out cold for the moment. That would keep her quiet until I could do something to keep her silent with out having to use my hands. I ripped the sleeve off her blouse and pulled it apart like it was melted butter. Wrapping it around her mouth, I tied it as tight as I could. She wasn’t going to scream any time soon.

I looked at her as if she was a glorious prize that I had just won. I didn’t know what to do with her but I knew I had to do something . I had wanted her and I still did, in ever way possible. The sight of her motionless body made me excited. I pushed up her white tank top that she wore under her freshly ripped blouse exposing her ample breast. I ran my hands over them, squeezing them tenderly. Slowly I made my way down the curves of her body until I reached her jeans. Almost hesitantly yet very willingly I unbuttoned her pants, pulling them off of her so that I could see her silk panties. She was a tease and she was still teasing me even as she lay, silent. Viewing her perfect body I could feel myself grow more excited, my pants rising.

“You didn’t want me but now I’m going to make you mine forever whether you want it or not.” I said out loud, talking as if she could hear me. If she could than she wouldn’t be able to respond. Placing my fingers on the edge of her panties I slowly lifted and pulled them down. Her shaven cunt made my member rock hard; I had to know her in every way possible. I needed her in every way possible.

After my own pants were down I forced myself into her, she was tight. She moaned lightly from the pain but I only whispered to her that everything was going to be fine and it would be over soon. Harder and harder I pushed myself deep inside of her until I came, filling her up. I pulled myself out and wasn’t as shocked as I should have been when my member was covered in blood, no wonder she was tight; she was a virgin. I had deflowered the girl of my dreams by way of force. Her blood covered me and it was that sight that started to get me paranoid.

“Oh fuck! What the hell am I going to do? She’ll know who did this.” I said to myself. Then a thought came to mind, if she couldn’t talk than I would be safe. If she couldn’t leave this spot, this moment in time than I wouldn’t have to worry. No one would find her here; she would be safe from the world. She would be my secret.

She started moving slowly still dazed from when I hit her head. I bent down to her, stroking her hair lightly. I whispered in her ear that everything was going to be fine and just to stay still so that I could help her. I was there to help her.

I wrapped my large hands around her slender neck and started to squeeze the life out of her. During the first moments she still wasn’t awake enough to realize what was happening to her but once she did she began to struggle. Her fighting, although she wasn’t aware of it, was making it better for me. Maybe I shouldn't have hit her head in the beginning. Fighting with her would have made it more of a thrill for me and more tormenting for her. Her arms flew around her, trying to break free of my grasp but it wasn’t any use. She was mine and would always be mine.

I felt my fingers wrap tighter around her neck…
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