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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine

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PostSubject: Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine   Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 1:06 am

-Note from author; The last short story that I wrote, this is the second half of the first part also titled Forceful Submission. Due to the feedback I got from the first one i wrote the second half. Hope you enjoy.

Two weeks had past since Hayley had left Jamie’s home and her friendship behind. Hayley said that they would no longer be friends and she kept her word. She passed Jamie in the hallways of the high school as if she was a ghost of a former life. It seemed as if Jamie was holding her back in expanding her social circle because after Hayley wasn’t being seen with Jamie everything fell into place for her. Friends came out of the woodwork and out of all the boys in school to pay her any attention of course it had to be Sam McCormick. After Jamie telling her that it would never happen, it did.

Lucky for her, she had a way out. Jamie on the other hand didn’t have anywhere else to run other than into the confines of her bedroom, not that the four walls would keep her safe from the darkness of her brother’s black heart.

The night that left Hayley so traumatized was still a mystery to Jamie. Although she begged both Danny and Drew to tell her what they did, they wouldn’t. All they said was that she would find out soon. She did want to know, but, she didn’t want it to be demonstrated on her because whatever they did terrified her.

When the bell rang for her final class of the day to be released she cringed at the thought of being at home, alone with both boys for the whole weekend. Her mother, who normally worked second shift at the hospital already, had begun to also work third shifts as well to help make up for the loss of income after Jamie’s father had left them. During the day she slept so the kids had pretty much full run of the house, even though they weren’t often there to rule it.

After swinging by her locker Jamie made her way to the bus. When she got on, instead of making her way to the back of the bus where she would sit with the boys, she sat in the first seat she saw. She knew that was going to upset them but she didn’t care, she just couldn’t stand being around either of them anymore then she already had to be. Two weeks of her being fearful of what they were going to show her, stressed her out at every moment and she was always looking over her shoulder to make sure that they weren’t behind her.

The ride home was only twenty minutes but it seemed to take forever. Once she was off the bus she hurried to the front door. All she wanted to do was to lock herself in her room for the weekend. She closed her door and flew onto her bed; burying her face in her pillows. Jamie’s tired eyes gave away and she fell asleep in the peaceful solitude of her room.

Sleep, dreams transform into nightmares.

She quickly rose up from her slumber with a gasp, finding her brother sitting on the end of her bed. She could feel the heat coming from her body; she was sweating like a work horse. Placing her hand on her chest she felt her heart beating a mile a minute. The look on Danny’s face looked as if he was actually concerned for her.

“What?” she snapped, still in a daze.

“You were yelling, I just came to check on you.” He told her as he touched her legs lightly. She pushed herself back away from him but he only moved towards her.

“Go away.” She said through her deep breaths. He didn’t say anything just moved closer, where he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her towards him. He felt her whole body tense up from his touch.

“I was going to wake you up anyways. Tonight is your night baby sister.” Danny said keeping a firm grasp around the nape of her neck.
“My night for what?” Jamie asked, knowing only after she had asked that that was a stupid question. He smiled his typical twisted smile that she hated so much.

“To find out.”

“You’re going to hurt me aren’t you?’ she asked. Another moronic question to her but she wanted to know, although she doubted that he would tell her anything. He didn’t say anything else, just traced the folds in her long blue tee shirt.’ Are you going to hurt me like you hurt Hayley?” Danny stopped moving his fingers and shifted his eyes to look at her without moving an inch.

“We are not going to hurt you. I love you, I don’t love her.” He gently kissed her forehead before he rose to his feet and walked to her door. As he placed his hand on the doorknob he turned around to give her another smile and told her that he would be seeing her later. That thought terrified her enough to bring tears too her eyes. She wrapped herself back in between the sheets of her bed, closing her blood shot eyes again while trying to escape into her own world even if it was for a moment.

She woke up to lighting shooting through the dark sky, hitting the ground below. Rain clattered on the roof above her head. She wasn’t truly alarmed until she realized that her hands were tied above her head. Her feet were free but she wouldn’t run and they knew that. They had that much power over her. Beside her bed was a chair and in the chair was Danny, who had his foot propped up next to her as he lent back in his chair.

“What are you doing?” Jamie asked trying to keep the tears back. Danny’s foot dropped, sat up straight in the chair then lent forward. His eyes were dark, almost black even.

“Were gonna finally show you what you’ve been begging to see.” He said as he licked his upper lick.

“I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to know. I just want you too leave me alone."

“You’ve been dying to know so you’re going too.”

“I don’t trust you Dan!” she finally snapped as she continued to attempt to wiggle her way out of the tightly bound sheets that were entangled around her wrist.

“You should always trust your family Jamie,’ he said as he kissed her on the forehead.’ You’re going to be good and you’re going to do everything that we tell you to do, right?” he said. All she felt as if she could do was nod. She knew there wasn’t any point in trying to overpower either of them. They were both too strong and overbearing; she didn’t have a chance in hell.

“Yeah.” She looked at her brother hoping, praying to any god who would listen, would make him stop what he was doing and allow her to go free but she knew that it was a lost cause. This was why she wasn’t sure if she even believed in god. He never helped her, never saved her from any of the torture. Why would someone who was supposed to be so powerful allow someone like her to go threw hell on a daily basis? She wasn’t being tested, she was being tormented.

From the floor Danny picked up a hand gun and pointed it square at Jamie’s head. Fear rushed threw her body. She tried to move away from him the best that she could but it didn’t do anything. She was still face to face with the barrel of the gun.

“This is how things started, I put this to her head and I moved close to her ear and I whispered that I would blow her brains everywhere if she didn’t do everything that either myself or Drew told her to do,’ he looked at her while sucking on his bottom lip.’ And the same thing applies to you. Do you understand?” She shook her head slightly but it didn’t seem to want too move. There weren’t any tears falling, her body was shaking only out of pure fear.

“Where did you get a gun?”

“Your pretty little head doesn’t need to worry about that.” He told her, still looking into her eyes.

“Well is that is?” she asked. She normally didn’t ask such moronic questions so she assumed it was the fear and the slightly sick curiosity that was making her ask such stupid things towards someone who was holding her life in the balance. Danny only laughed at her words.

“That isn’t the fun part. The fun part is what we made her do.’ He turned his head when he heard the bedroom door open and smiled when Drew entered then looked back at Jamie.’ It would be kind of sick to have me do it since I am your brother so Drew is going to be taking my place and I’ll be taking his.” Danny said. Jamie looked over at Drew who lent against the wall with a crooked grin on his face.

“I don’t understand.” Jamie said looking puzzled.

“You’re gonna let Drew have sex with you and I’m gonna watch.” Danny explained. Jamie’s heart jumped into her throat, a huge knot was formed in the pit of her stomach and her body suddenly began to sweat.

“No I’m not.”

“Did I ask you if you wanted it to happen, you don’t have a choice baby sister. We were going to do this in time, but your willingness to find out what happened to Hayley so badly pushed up our plans a bit.”

“I won’t do it.” She firmly stated, not thinking that it would make a difference but she knew that she at least had to try.

Danny continued to smile wickedly at her, scratching his head with the barrel of his gun followed by a maniacal laugh. He wasn’t her brother at that point, she couldn’t see him. All she saw was a stranger. “If you don’t then he’ll just have to force you and you know he can, he is very strong.” She looked over at Drew who had pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor.

“You guys don’t want my first time to be like this do you?” she asked them, practically begging them to stop by the tone in her voice. Danny lent into her again.

“You never forget your first time and we’re gonna make sure that you don’t. I love you.” Once he was sitting back in his chair Drew slowly walked over, looking a bit nervous himself. Danny was right, she couldn’t stop him. He was six foot even while she was a small five foot three. He was well built and knew how to handle a little girl wiggling like a worm to get free from his grasp. She was weak and they both knew it.

Drew sat next to her on the bed and ran his hand up her freshly shaven leg, past the hem of her shirt and took a hold of her panties. He pulled them down without any effort although she tried to prevent it from happening. She had showered before bed; Drew could smell the body wash and powder.

He could feel her whole body shaking as he moved his hand further up her body, stroking her breast. She bit her bottom lip so hard that she soon tasted blood. She was trying to fight back her tears and her urge to scream. She knew that she would be hurt worse if she yelled for anything. Drew lent down to her and spoke in a soft, calm voice, “Danny’s rough but I’ll try to be gentle.’ He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, exposing his blue boxers.’ Now if you promise not to get yourself shot I’ll release your arms.”

“I won’t, I promise.” She forced herself to say. The sad thing was that she really wouldn’t move. She wasn’t sure if her brother would really shoot her because that would get him into trouble and Danny didn’t do well with being told what to do but there were other ways and she knew it.

Drew moved over her and undid the knots around her arms. Once her hands were free she rubbed her wrist to ease the burning feeling that was around them. Drew then pulled her shirt over her head and looked at her naked, venerable body as she did and all she wanted to do was to cover herself back up. She didn’t like the sight of herself without clothes on. Eating her feelings when she was younger wasn’t the best idea but at the time she thought it was.

Lastly Drew took off his boxers and climbed back onto the bed. Jamie was still curled up into a ball, attempting to hide her body from herself, Danny and Drew. He moved her to her back and her hands to the side.

“You need to spread your legs Jamie.” He told her, she didn’t move. She didn’t know if she could. She slowly started to shake her head, tears falling.

“I don’t wanna do this. Please don’t make me do it Drew. I’ll do anything else…I promise.” She begged him. If he wasn’t on top of her she would have moved to her knees and kissed his feet if he didn’t make her do what he had planned for her. He took his thumb to her left cheek and softly removed a tear drop from her face.

“Jamie this is going to happen whether you want it too or not so you can either go with the flow and it can be easy or you can fight me and it will be hard. It’s your choice but like I said, it’s happening one way or the other.’ She didn’t say anything.’ And for the record I think that you’re gorgeous. I know you don’t think of yourself that way but you are and I’m not just telling you this to get your cooperation.”

Whether he was telling the truth or not she didn’t know but it made her as comfortable as it could. She also remembered how traumatized Hayley had been and she didn’t want to end up the same way, at least not that bad. Hesitantly Jamie opened her legs further, slowly. She felt Drew’s warm body push in between her legs and his bare genitals brush against her. When she felt it she whimpered and turned her head to face the wall. She tried to forget about what was happening the best that she could but it was hard when you had someone breathing heavily on top of you.

The harder and further Drew pushed into her the more that it hurt. She felt as if someone had stabbed her with a millions knifes and twisting them. She continued to shake, cry and couldn’t breathe well. Passing out was something that could happen at any moment if it was going to. Feeling Drew’s hands and lips felt more like bugs crawling over her bare flesh. She hated him but she hated her brother more because this was his idea and he was allowing it to happen.

After what felt like hours of torture Drew was finished and had gotten off of her. He redressed himself then handed her shirt and underwear to her, kissed her on the cheek and left the room. Danny got up from his seat and sat next to Jamie who was pulling her shirt down over her head. It was hard for her because she was still shaking like she was outside on a winter morning without a coat. Danny pulled her close, wrapped his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. “Now was that so bad?” he said with a warmer smile than before. She pushed him off of her and looked at him with a puzzled look. She couldn’t believe what he was saying, the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“How could you do that too me?” she asked without looking at him. She couldn’t face him, she didn’t want too.

“A couple of reasons, you wanted to know what happened so badly and uh…Drew likes you and I think that you like him too.” Danny said as he seemed to evaluate her movements. She stayed perfectly still, not saying anything which is probably why he gained a smirk on his face, thinking that he knew something that she didn’t want him too know.

“In his dreams, I hate him and hate you,’ she started to yell,’ you promised me you wouldn’t ever hurt me but you did! I was hurt and you didn’t care, you took pleasure from my pain. How could you do that? Why would you do that?”

“Come on Jamie…” Danny started to say something but was cut off by his sister.

“You’re both are sick fucks! I hate you and want you out of my life for ever, do you understand me?’ she said rather calmly. ‘Get out of my room. NOW!” She demanded. She didn’t want to see him nor did she want to see Drew. She felt dirty and all she wanted was to be left alone so she could clean her body of the sweat, tears and blood that the ordeal had caused then wrap herself in her own world again. Her body was in pain and overwhelmed with feelings it hadn’t ever been exposed to before.

He left her alone after he kissed her kindly on her head like he always did. She didn’t move, just sat while looking blankly into space. Now that she knew what had happened to Hayley she felt so bad for her former friend but she felt worse for herself because unlike Hayley, Jamie couldn’t leave. She was trapped there with no one too help her or too hear her cries for help.

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PostSubject: Re: Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine   Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 1:23 am

That's so sad! I feel bad for that girl! Great writing as always!
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Forceful Submission Part 2 (c) A.R. Laine
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