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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Timber Creek-Part 1

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PostSubject: Timber Creek-Part 1   Timber Creek-Part 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 11:41 pm

“Twelve year old Lisa Kimball went missing two days ago and was reported missing from her parents after not returning home from the park where she was said to have walked to earlier that day with a friend. The young girl has been missing for over forty-eight hours as of today. A search party has begun starting at the local play ground where she was last reportedly seen. If you see the girl you are asked to call the number at the bottom of the screen.” The reporter on the television said.

A young man rose from his chair and headed towards his bedroom. He heard his mother ask him a question but he didn’t say anything. He walked to the end of the hallway and closed the door behind him, letting out a deep breath as he fell to the floor. He sat there for a moment with his eyes closed before opening them to the darkness of his room. Night had fallen so he got up and turned on his desk lamp.

He pulled up a browser and typed in a web address. It was to a social network that he was a part of. As soon as he logged in was a pop up from a friend. The cursor was blinking at the end of the sentence. The friend was still online themselves so he wrote back.

‘I can’t take this.’ he typed.

‘What are you talking about?’ the other responded.

‘I can’t feel anything anymore…I’m numb. I wanna tell someone, the right someone.’

‘You can’t tell anyone! Do you understand me?’

‘Yeah whatever.’

Nothing was typed back, the cursor just blinked. Matt looked at the screen, waiting for his friend to write back but he didn’t. After waiting for a few more moments he logged out and turned his computer off. He walked to his bed and curled up underneath his blanket. He just wanted to put everything that had happened behind him. He rubbed his eyes trying to get the sting out of them but they were still hurting. He was overly stressed out and tired from the lack of sleep. Ever since the event took place he wasn’t sleeping well. For two days he hadn’t slept well but he had good reason not too. What they had done was horrible and Matt couldn’t fully wrap his mind around that they had actually done such a thing.

That night when he finally fell asleep he dreamt of her face and Timber Creek. Blood flowed from her open wounds to the water that surrounded her now lifeless body. The water was cold unlike the tears that ran down his cheeks. He wasn’t alone, it wasn’t just his idea. He had a friend with him.

“Man up!” he remembered his friend saying. He shook off his thoughts and continued to work at what they were doing. What were they doing? How could they have done something so horrific?

Matt jumped out of his sleep in a sweat. Running his hands over his face he realized that he was awake. Just a nightmare he thought, only it wasn’t a nightmare. They had really done it, he had really done it. Breaking his train of thought was a knock at his bedroom door. It was his mother. His caring and yet almost overly bearing mother coming to make sure that he was okay. She had heard him screaming. He yelled that he was fine but he could still hear her lingering on the other side of the door. She finally left after a few moments. Matt stayed up for the rest of the night on his computer. He was looking up random things, trying to get his mind off of things but it wasn’t working. He looked up porn but nothing came of it. He was too stressed out to get anything from it so he turned it off and fell into his pillows.

He laid in bed until he saw sunlight shine through the curtains. He had seen another day but he didn’t deserve another day, she did though and she wouldn’t get another one. He looked at his alarm clock and saw the time; six thirty in the morning. He closed his eyes again but was startled when his phone rang.

“Oh god who the hell is it this early in the morning?” Matt grunted. He grabbed his phone and looked at the screen.
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Timber Creek-Part 1
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