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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 The Heart Devouring Tale Part 5 (final)

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PostSubject: The Heart Devouring Tale Part 5 (final)   The Heart Devouring Tale Part 5 (final) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 15, 2010 1:33 pm

Part 5

James looked at her with strange glossy eyes. He wasn’t crying, he looked regretful. There was something different about him but she didn’t know what it was but she as about to find out.

“But what James?” she said. She sounded as if she was begging for her life but she thought she could trust him, she did trust him. Did she?

“I’m more like my mother then you think I am and Emma…I’m hungry.” He finally said. She heard the words come out of his mouth but she didn’t want to believe it.


“You heard me, I’m starving and I haven’t eaten since last night.”

“We can go find something, an animal or something. There has to be something around here we can find.” Emma said as she started to move backwards but it wasn’t doing much good since James was following her. He was crawling to her like he was a tiger, a starving tiger.

“There isn’t any wildlife around. After my father first left my ma and Leroy ate a lot of the animals but over time they got smart and they left the forest so they had to find another way. When I got home they were already feeding on humans. I tried to stop them Emma, you have to understand that.” James said almost shouting at her.

“I do, I do James. I know you’re hungry but we need to get you to Margretville and we can get you real food or someone to help you…please.” Emma begged as she continued to drag herself away from him. He was on his hands and knees, crawling towards her like a wild animal. His eyes were twisted and demented looking and his lips became a bright pink when he licked them.

He was a starving tiger who was ready to pounce at any moment.

In the blink of an eye he did pounce, right on top of her and he attempted to bite her fore arm but she pulled away and started to kick him as hard as she could. It was strange because only a few hours before this he had kissed her passionately and now he was trying to rip her arm off for a snack.

She continued to kick him as hard as she could and finally kicked him where it counted. As he fell over to his side she jumped up and started to run as fast as her feet would allow herself too. Behind her she could hear the screams of pain flow threw James’ lips but she didn’t stop no matter how much she thought that she cared and wanted to help him.

“EMMA!” he yelled.

Horrified she stopped and looked around for a hiding place. She climbed behind a group of rocks and ducked down, praying that she wouldn’t be found by him. She could hear him getting closer, yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Shit!’ he said,’ god I can’t let you get away now Emma, don’t you get it? If you get away from me you might tell someone so I need you to come back.” He ran past the larger boulders she was still behind. Her hands were firmly clamped together, praying to any god who would listen to save her.

She didn’t hear anything. No leafs being shuffled, no twigs being broken so maybe he was gone she thought to herself. She opened her eyes and released her hands from each others but then she heard it, snickering coming from above her.
There perched on the rocks was James, cackling maniacally as he braced himself up by placing his elbows on the two rocks beside him. She was trapped. The large rock that she was backed up against was far to big for her to jump over.


“You thought I wouldn’t find you here and I would leave and go home huh?’ she nodded.’ Well you were wrong weren’t you? I can’t let you go Emma.”

“You wanted to help me remember? I won’t tell anyone James, I promise. Please don’t.” She said as she held her hand up in front of her. She knew that her hand wouldn’t stop him but just it being in front of her helped her think that he couldn’t get past it.

“I know you won’t Emma or I don’t think that you would but I want you Emma, I’ve wanted you the moment that I saw you.” He told her as he scooted down from the top of the boulders and settled in front of her in his knees.

“You wanted me?” she asked.

“Yeah, you smelled so good and when I kissed you…oh you tasted good too.”

“You’re sick! I can’t believe I felt sorry for you. You’re just like your family. You’re sick and fucked in the head.” Emma said. He lunged forward but she threw her foot up into the air, kicking him hard enough in the shoulder to knock him off balance slightly. When he was thrown back he scrapped his bare arm on the rock making blood form at the surface of the opened wound. He grabbed his arm and moaned in pain. He turned back to look at Emma, eyes flaring with fury.

“You bitch, come here.” He yelled as he lunged for her again, this time she couldn’t kick hard enough nor could she move fast enough to get away from him, and jumped on top of her. He slapped her across the face to shock her and it did. She stopped in terror and grabbed her red cheek that was blistering with pain.

When she was distracted he punched her with all of his strength, knocking her slightly unconscious.
She woke up to her head pounding and a sharp pain in her right arm. With her left hand she pulled her body up and realized she was lying in James’ lap. Quickly she tried to shove herself away from him but he grabbed her firmly by her arms.

“Shhh it’s gonna be alright Emma but you need to stay still because I don’t want you to be in anymore pain then you already are.” He told her as he pulled her body back to his. She was completely terrified and hated that he was touching her. She started to cry like a baby while she tried to pull his arm away from her body but there wasn’t any use. Tears ran down her face and her hair was sticking to her sweaty forehead. She was panicking because she didn’t know what he was going to do to her. He gently brushed her hair back out of her face then started to rock back and forth with her.

“Please James just let me go. You don’t want to do this.” She continued to beg.

“I can’t stop now, I’ve already started.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked him. He slowly raised her right arm, the one that was in a severe amount of pain, and showed her why there wasn’t any turning back. Her arm was cut leaving a large chunk of flesh missing from her forearm. That was the reason she had a sharp, piercing pain running threw her arm. She studied it in horror as she watched blood continue to drip from her arm to the ground. She burst into tears again.

“Oh god why?”

“It’s okay just relax.” He said as she ran his dirty blood soaked fingers threw her hair.

“Go to hell, let me go!” she screamed.

“I told you I can’t do that and if you keep screaming I’ll have to end it now. I don’t want too. I’m enjoying your company so much Emma.”

“Fuck you, let me go.” She yelled.

“I really hate to do this but I would have to do it in the future some time anyways.” James said as he took a hold of Emma’s head and snapped it to the right. Without giving it a second thought James had broken Emma’s neck. He heard the bones crack and felt them break. She was so fragile and he broke her.

He really didn’t want to because he really did like her but this was how he survived, this was how he naturally lived everyday of his life. He tried to help her but he just wasn’t able too. He ate the remainder of the piece of carved flesh that he had taken from her arm then got up and threw her over the rocks then climbed over himself. He then threw her now lifeless body over his shoulders and carried her back to his house to deliver her to his mother.

She was now just another random meal. She didn’t have a face that he cared for nor did she have a name. Once she would be consumed they wouldn’t think about her anymore and they wouldn’t see her face ever again unless someone cared enough to put out missing persons ads but after a few weeks her face would only be a distance memory, if they even remembered her for anything else other then food.
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The Heart Devouring Tale Part 5 (final)
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