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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Hey There Everyone!

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PostHey There Everyone!

Wanted to let you all know that I'm working on the fifth and final part of my current story; The Heart Devouring Tale as well as working on my current novel. I have finally started to send out query letters, on my first completed novel, to agents in hopes that someone likes it and wants to publish it and that would amazing!

I'm currently reading the Vampire Kisses series and it's good but I'm not into as much as I have been others. I'm able to put this one down unlike the other series I've read. Don't get me wrong it's a great series and I probably just need to get more into it but it's not holding my attention. It might also be the fact that I want to finish my second novel. I'm starting to head up to the climax of the story and that makes me happy. this is the longest story that I have written which makes me proud because that means that I'm growing as a writer.

I'm finally gonna start exercising again (I haven't done it in months) and I think a good run everyday will help clear my head of the bad thoughts that give me writers block and give me some ideas and just keep my head clear in general! I love writing to music so if you all know of any please let me know your favorites and give me some good ideas on music!

A.R. Laine
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Hey There Everyone!

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