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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Short Story- Heart Devouring Tale Part 1

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Short Story- Heart Devouring Tale Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Short Story- Heart Devouring Tale Part 1   Short Story- Heart Devouring Tale Part 1 I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2010 11:33 pm

The only thing that she could remember hearing was the squeal of the tires on the wet pavement. The rain was coming down hard, harder then she had ever seen. She was hurt but wasn’t bad enough that she couldn’t get herself out of the car. When she had completely climbed out of the turned over vehicle she grabbed her head in a fruitless attempt to ease the pounding.
She looked around on the deserted, dark road. There was only a street lamp that she could see but that was a bit up the road. Other then that, the only light that she had came from the full moon that was high in the night sky. Surrounding it were thousands of tiny stars that twinkled at her. She looked around to see if there was anyone else around. She saw someone, she was sure that she had because that was the reason she swerved her car.

In the middle of the road there was a tall, dark figure. She was driving at fifty miles an hour with her music blaring but she had seen someone, or didn’t she. Maybe she had hit her head harder then she had thought she had. Pulling her hand down she looked in horror as she saw bright red blood covering her hand. She was damn near in shock but she couldn’t allow herself to go there, she had to get somewhere, to someone who could help her. She had to find that person who had been standing in the middle of the road, although if the person was able to walk away from her being turned over in her car she wasn’t sure if she wanted to meet that person. Surely that person was a cold and heartless creature.

She breathed heavily, seeing it appear in front of her face. She wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to get warm but it wasn’t working. She was shivering from head to toe either because she was freezing; she was scared to death or both. It was probably both if she had to give the honest truth.

Not seeing anyone around she started to walk down the long and dark highway. After a mile of solid walking she finally saw a light a head of her. It was a single green orb but rather then be frightened of it, she ran towards it in hopes of finding people. Someone, anyone who could help her.

When she finally made it to where the light was it was gone. She looked around like a mad woman only to find the light in the mix of the tall, dark trees of the woods, moving back and forth. She didn’t know where it was going but she was going to follow it no matter where it led her too.
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Short Story- Heart Devouring Tale Part 1
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