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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Dangerous By Sophii Jones

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PostSubject: Dangerous By Sophii Jones   Dangerous By Sophii Jones I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2010 11:15 pm

By Sophii Jones

Flickering candle light cast dancing shadows across the dark room. The scent of vanilla filled the air and wrapped around her like the most amazing blanket.
There was no moon tonight, but that didn’t make the view any less beautiful. Waves crashed into the jagged cliffs below. Every so often they caught light off of a lantern one of the guards was carrying on the drawbridge and glittered brilliantly.
It was moonless nights like these that she almost wished they had more guards watching her tower. There would be more lanterns, more light to illuminate the soft waves, ever flowing waves.
She found, over time, that she and the waves had a lot in common.
When standing at the shore of the ocean, you couldn’t help but believe that it went on forever. That’s how she felt, about more things than one. But mainly that like the waves, this prison sentence would never end. She saw no end in sight.
Of course, she couldn’t really complain. It wasn’t as though he had locked her behind bars in a dungeon. No, far from it. She was better off than most in the land, but at what cost?
Her freedom.
Her prison was a glorious bedroom. One fit for a queen really. A bed that four of herself could fit into. A duvet woven from the softest cloth of her favorite colors, gold and deep violet. An amour overflowing with beautiful dresses and a vanity that held the biggest mirror she had ever seen.
And the view? Well the view was to die for. The sea stretched out before her stone turret endlessly. The only enjoyment she got out of her days was watching the waves crash and the moon cast light across the waves like diamonds.
Those waves were her only real companions. She had forbade her lover, and her keeper, from seeing her. The occasional mouse would finds its way into the room only to leave seconds later, it wouldn’t find any cheese in Jezebel’s chamber.

The lantern that had been near enough to the water to make it shimmer disappeared, the guard had walked away. Taking one last pleading look at the sky Jezebel sighed and went to her vanity. She sat in from of the large mirror and took a look at herself.
She knew her raven hair would flawlessly curled in the most natural way and her pouted lips painted a brilliant red, she didn’t need a mirror to show her that.
She knew that her alabaster skin would be as flawless as the spirals of her hair and that the corset of her maroon dress dipped in at all the right places. She didn’t need the golden rimmed mirror to tell her that, either.
And good thing, because it couldn’t. The mirror couldn’t see her curls or her lips. It couldn’t reflect the candle light playing on her intricate design of her dress.
All the mirror saw was the room behind the stool she sat on, shadows cast across the stone walls and the bed that sat directly behind her.
Jezebel often tired of not being able to watch herself brush her locks or apply her make up. In her mortal life she had always been vein, the sight of herself brought a smile to her face on the darkest of days. But then again, she hadn’t known the darkest of days really.
Now she knew the true meaning of that term which she had often used. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen even a slither of the sun or it’s soft pink light on the horizon, brightening the waves she loved so much. But even if she was freed from her prison, she could not see the sun, for it would be the last thing she ever saw.
Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, she thought.
“No, that would be absolutely ghastly,” Jezebel told herself. “Do not think such silly things.”
This was nothing new, Jezebel speaking to herself. She hadn’t had contact with another human being in years and was afraid if she didn’t use her voice she might loose it for good. That would be such a pity, she had the most attracted voice anyone had ever heard.
It was her lure. Anyone would follow her word and do as she said, even if she was leading them to their untimely grave. Many men had met their end by merely falling in love with her laughter, and several women too.
Jezebel did not prey on children. She hated to prey on anyone but it was necessary for survival and everyone wants to survive.
It was that overwhelming regret of taking the lives of people, people who mattered to someone and people who did not have to die that brought her to this room. The prison fit for royalty.
Two years ago she went to her lover, the only breathing man who had the pleasure of being intimate with Jezebel and living to tell the tale, and begged for the confines of a dungeon. She would gladly live in rot for the rest of her days if it saved even one innocent life.
The gorgeous young nobleman Henry, Jezebels lover, refused. He was blinded by love and saw past every single one of her flaws, even the countless murders. Whatever she had to do to be happy, made him happy. When she smiled he practically melted.
Jezebel finally got Henrys attention when she swore if she wasn’t locked up soon it was inevitable that she would turn on him in the heat of the moment and the loss of his life would drive her to madness. That very day she would walk out into the sunlight and be lost to this world, as Henry would be.
Even so, he would hear nothing of putting her in a dungeon. Instead he had his men find a safe place somewhere no one would venture. His men came back days later with word of a small, abandoned castle on a remote island off of the coast. Henry tracked down the man who owned the castle and bought it that same day. He told Jezebel to be ready to leave the next.
She was taken to the island by his men and took nothing she owned for material possessions meant nothing to her, not anymore. Henry offered her the entire castle but she refused, pointed to the highest turret and said, “Do not allow me to leave from that tower, Henry.”
When he told her that he would live in the castle below and keep her guard she became angry. Had she not made herself clear enough? Jezebel told Henry that he had to be far away, with the rest of the world. Sitting in this castle by himself for years was just as bad as lying in a grave, only the journey to his grave would be much more pleasurable.
Unwillingly Henry left but vowed to return once a month to see his lady. As soon as he was off shore Jezebel called a guard near her chamber and warned him against ever letting Henry up into her turret, it would be a deadly decision for him to make.
Without blood to calm her appetite Jezebel was very dangerous. She would never die, but she would weaken. If ever confront by someone again, she would have no self restraint what so ever and her actions would be the end of her.
While Henrys men were navigating the waves to bring her to this island, Jezebel was making a promise to herself.
If I kill another human being, I will meet the sunrise and receive the punishment I deserve.
And that is what brought forever young Jezebel to this candle light room on a rare moonless night with only the sound of the soft waves to keep her company where she would remain until the planet ceases to spin.
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous By Sophii Jones   Dangerous By Sophii Jones I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 12:46 pm

i enjoyed reading this story altough i though it was going to be a little different with the tital being dangerous... but all in all i enjoyed reading this story plus i love vampire stories lol
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous By Sophii Jones   Dangerous By Sophii Jones I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 1:06 pm

Haha thank you Smile I was just going to call it Jezebel but I don't love naming stories after characters lol. Thank you for reviewing it though Smile I wish we could get more members and guests to do more than just read. haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous By Sophii Jones   Dangerous By Sophii Jones I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 3:17 pm

Please tell me this isn't the end... it would make a great beginning to another story.
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Dangerous By Sophii Jones
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