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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Poem- The Perfect Storm

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PostSubject: Poem- The Perfect Storm   Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:20 pm

[center]The Perfect Storm

Thunder rolled and lighting struck the ground below
The sky was dark and wind blew across the water
A voice was raised, screaming for help but nothing was said so nothing could be done
She was screaming on the inside
She didn’t know how to ask for help
She didn’t even know if she needed help
She must because she wasn’t like others that she knew of
But she didn’t feel special
She wanted to end it, all the pain that she was feeling
But she didn’t know how
All she knew how to do was to scream
This was a strongest storm
It was the perfect storm and there wasn’t any shelter from it
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Poem- The Perfect Storm
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