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Short Stories and Poems of all different generes by aspiring authors A. R. Laine and Sophii
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 Short Story- The Dead Month

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The Dead Month

She looked across the frozen lake, no game in sight. The wind blew lightly but was strong enough to leave a chill in her bones. Her hair blew into her face, tickling her nose. As she sat on the bench she curled her toes together inside her black sneakers. It didn’t help much since her shoes were tattered and worn. She had had the same shoes for two years and since they still fit her, it seemed wrong to her to throw them out.
As she continued to look out among the grounds she realized that there wasn’t anything to look for; there wasn’t anything there. No movements among the grass. The only noise she heard was from the wind howling. She only had her memories of what was. Memories pass threw her mind as the clouds move across the dusk sky. She had been happy once, just like everyone else but then everything faded to black, then she was alone. Her life had grown dull, dark and fearful. Her heart began to harden then break into pieces. She didn’t know what had happened and she didn’t know how she could stop it. Was there anything that she could even do?
She used to hear cries in the middle of the night but over time that too stopped and she didn’t understand. Had she done something to deserve this? She had no one to ask, no one around for miles, if even that. It seemed as if she had been sitting on that same bench for so long, how much longer would she be damned to set in that same spot?
Not knowing the answer to her own question she shoved her hands into her pockets and remained sitting on the hard, wooden bench; looking out over what seemed to be nothing more then a frozen waste land. Whatever she had done to end up where she was; she was stuck there.
Without thinking about it any longer she heard it again. The crying had returned. She looked up at the now dark sky with a puzzled look. She didn’t know or understand where the crying was coming from. There wasn’t anything in the sky other then the rolling clouds and the stars that never twinkled; they were practically dull. Soon after the crying started she began to hear a voice.
“Hello?” she said softly but she heard nothing in return. Maybe she was hearing things. Being alone would cause a person to hear things and make things up in a person’s head.
“Why did she do it?”
She heard the voice again. It was clear as crystal this time. It was what she had always hoped for, another person in this desolate, purgatory like place. Perhaps they knew where they were and they could tell her. She was so lonely and was in dire need of human interaction.
“Hello?” she said again, this time yelling at the top of her lungs. She still heard the voice but no matter how loud she screamed the person didn’t seem to see her, or hear her. She got up from her bench and started to walk towards to where the voice was coming from. She moved through the tall, dry grass as she searched everywhere that she could until the voice started to fade yet again.
“I just don’t understand…” the voice came and went away again. She had a taste of having a voice, a friend around. Where the person was, she didn’t know but she needed this person, the voice at least. She needed to know that she wasn’t alone in the world.
When the voice faded, this time it didn’t come back. She didn’t know what to do. She collapsed in the field, curled into a ball, tears flowing from her emerald green eyes. The voice was gone and yet again she was alone, all alone.
“I just don’t understand why she would do this to herself? Why she would do this to any of us. We all loved her so much.” A teary eyed woman asked as she was being held by a middle aged man with thinning hair.
“I know that we did, we all did but something was making her unhappy enough to take herself away from us forever.” The man said as he continued to hold the woman, who was his wife.
“Why did she do it? I miss her so much…I loved her so much.” The woman continued to say threw her tears. Beside her, her daughter laid in a box alone
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Short Story- The Dead Month
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